English Breakfast

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This incredible tea is a blend of Yunnan tea from China and Assam from India. Full body, traditional cup, sweet undertones, hearty finish.

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1 Review

7th Jul 2017

The best!!

I found Calistoga Roastery on a trip to Napa last year. While in the shop I met the owner who boasted about his English Breakfast Tea. I always take recommendation with a grain of salt but I bought a few pack anyway... Well I am hooked!! This is the absolute best English Breakfast Tea I have ever had. It has replaced Tazo as my morning tea. I Just ordered more because it is now part of my daily routine. It is delicious, strong and unique flavor that sets it apart from all the other teas I have had and I am a life long tea drinker. You won't go wrong picking up a pack of this tea.. You will be hooked, I promise you!!!

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