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Fresh Roasted coffee since 1992!

When I went into business for myself after years in the corporate coffee world, I realized I wanted to control all aspects of the operation, and started the Calistoga Roastery. In the beginning we roasted in12lb batches at a time on the premises, on a 1919 Probat roaster. We outgrew the original café space with all the green coffee bags and moved into an offsite warehouse. We outgrew the Probat and switched to 25 lb batch Diedrich roaster. 30 years later we still roast in the Diedrich small batch roaster two blocks from our current café location.

When asked why our coffee is so good, it is simply high quality green coffee beans with the fantastic advantage of being roasted so close by and the need to not overstock. Every bag in the café is no more than a week old. You simply cannot beat the freshness! The café serves a dark roast and a medium roast every day and all our espresso drinks are made with our 8-bean blend Espresso Roast. We offer Decaf Espresso drinks along with a full iced drink menu using the Toddy cold brew method.

Over the years we have customized hundreds of blends for our mail order and wholesale customers. We stock the most popular at the café but if you have a favourite we can always recreate a bag (or twenty!) for you.

Original location

Our original location

Coffee BEans

Calistoga Coffee Company

We are proud to partner with Calistoga Coffee Company for our fresh roasted coffee and assorted loose leaf teas. The roaster, Cathy Stewart, was our roaster for many years before she purchased the roasting division from us in April of 2018. You can expect the same great quality and freshness that has been served in our cafe for over 30 years.