Hot Drinks

Brewed coffee

Our brewed coffee dark roast is Country French and our medium roast is Roasters Choice. If you just need coffee in the mornings we have a self-serve station! Bring cash, make your own change and be on your way.

If you need extra help getting started (and don’t we all sometimes?), our “pink eye” adds one shot of espresso to your cup and our “red eye” adds two shots of espresso.

We offer a bottomless cup of coffee if you are staying with us, but please, pace yourself.

Espresso drinks

We have espresso, we have milk, so we can make any drink you like.

The cappuccino is an espresso with a touch of milk and lots of foam. The latte is made with espresso and milk with a dollop of foam.

We keep it simple here at the Calistoga Roastery, offering small, medium and large. (So please, no ventis)

We offer cow’s milk, 2%, nonfat, oat and almond milk.

Our mochas and cocoa are made with Guittard Jersey Cocoa, a cocoa I have used for 42 years.

We also offer matcha lattes.