I have used the same tea broker for over 40 years and love the consistent quality they provide.

Tea is served in a teapot (all very civilized indeed) if you are joining us here at the Calistoga Roastery. It is also available for retail purchase in 2-4 ounce bags.

Here are the teas currently on offer:

Black teas – English Breakfast, Decaf English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Lapsang Souchong, Imperial Chai, blackcurrant, cinnamon orange spice, honey fig, vanilla

In-between black and green teas – Oolong Formosa, Yerba Mate

Green teas – Dutch mint, Geisha Green, Gen Mai Cha, Gunpowder Temple of Heaven, Jasmine fancy, Sencha

White tea – White Peony

Herbal and fruit Infusions – Blue Eyes, chamomile, peppermint, rooibos

To order coffee beans and tea leaves online please contact Cathy at the Calistoga Coffee Company,
(707) 942-5747, https://calistogacoffeeco.com/